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Protecting Natural Resources

Preventing Pollution. Reducing Waste.

Recognising the long term benefits to our business and our customers, we are committed to taking an active part in protecting natural resources, preventing pollution and reducing waste.

We strive towards continual improvement in our environmental performance and endeavour to minimise the scale of our adverse impact on the environment by setting, implementing, monitoring and reviewing environmentally conscious operational objectives and targets.

On average, 95% of the materials which have been used to build our office furniture can be recycled, which include:

Fabric - recycled to make mattress filling, lining insulation, toy stuffing etc
Plastics - shredded, melted, extruded then moulded into new chair parts
Foam - recycled for use in other hard-wearing applications such as underlay
Metals - recycled to make all sorts of steel products (eg bikes, cars, paperclips etc)